Our Story

We aren’t just another photography company.

We’re a special little family, born more than twenty years ago from the vision of a new mom in pursuit of her own happiness and passion. Julie Floyd, then a successful tax attorney, dreamt of a job where she could play with children and practice her art all while capturing treasured moments in people’s lives. So she followed her dreams and never looked back.

One of the best things about Classic Kids is that every person on our team has this inherent happiness and passion! Many a late night latte has been shared discussing the perfecting of our “peek-a-boo” technique (hit the first syllable hard!) or debating the subtleties of the most effective monkey call (keep it light and funny, never scary).

We aren’t just photographers.

We’re kid wranglers, artists, psychologists, giggle experts, style mavens, interior design consultants, card and book designers, baby whisperers, beauty seekers, framing specialists, art installers, party planners and simply —good friends.

It takes a village—and many heads are better than one—so we work as a team to learn, grow and perfect our art. Every day we share techniques, creative experiences, ideas and feedback to push the boundaries and provide you with the best in family portraiture. We aim for art that you’ll display proudly and pass down through the generations —all while having a blast creating it.