ClassicKids6.1OURFAMILY-05her happy:
80s music, fancy dresses,
quaint cafes, exotic trips,
miniature dachshunds,
(especially those named Oliver)

tera landman
Director of Marketing and Public Relations; Creative & Communications Guru

Clever Tera spends her days focused on creative ways to provide our cherished clients with ever-higher levels of photography and service—all while shouting our story from the rooftops.

She’s the friend who wears enthusiasm like bright and shiny statement jewelry, and she sees possibility wherever she goes!

ck vintage, circa 2006
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her happy: imagineersjessweb
view cameras, old found
photographs, bike rides,
wild flowers, bright colors

jessica correa
Art Director

Jessica is our wiz-kid creative designer. She spends oodles of time designing art
books, albums, greeting cards, press products and anything else that needs a little “wow.”

ck vintage, circa 2007