Q: What is the best age to photograph my child?

A: You can’t go wrong—from “bump” in the tummy to college graduate, any and every age is perfect and has its own particular beauty. If you are just getting started with a new baby on the way, the ideal milestones to capture are the bump, within ten days of birth, seven months (or around the time they can sit up unassisted), and one year, when they take those first adorable Frankenstein steps. Ask us about our Baby’s First Year package – perfect for capturing all of these moments! After this, yearly is a great plan, especially during those early years when a child’s appearance changes so dramatically, so fast. In short, the perfect time is now.

Q: How long will my photo shoot take?

A: Most shoots take one to one and a half hours. Newborn shoots can take two to three hours. There’s no set time limit for shoots, so don’t worry if your child needs more time to warm up. Our flexible schedule lets the children dictate the pace of the shoot — with experienced nudges from us along the way! To put it simply, we keep shooting until we’ve captured everything your heart desires—and as long as everyone is still having fun.

Q: What if my kids don’t behave?

A: No such thing! We expect, embrace, and even encourage the inherent “rascal” in every child. After all, it’s the shenanigans and unbridled energy that make for great photos. We wrangle kids for a living and know what makes them tick. And because it’s different for every child, our bag of tricks is VAST. When it comes to the little ones, we have yet to meet our match.

Q: What if my kids are sick? Can we reschedule?

A: Yes. Sick kids won’t radiate their “happy.” We want this experience to be a blast for them, because it shows in the images. Ultimately, it’s your call: A runny nose generally isn’t going to get them down, but a fever likely will. You can reschedule anytime within 6 months of your original shoot date.

Q: What about bumps, bruises and mosquito bites?

A: To us, braces, band-aids and minor bumps or bruises are true badges of childhood—a memorable part of growing up that’s worthy of capture. But if you prefer, we’ll gladly retouch minor blemishes without extra charges. If you’re still concerned, snap a quick photo and email it to us—we’ll let you know if it warrants rescheduling.

Q: Should I get my child’s haircut right before the shoot?

A: Nooooooooooo! Because fresh haircuts often need time to settle and re-groove with your child’s head, the photos might not be the truest reflection of your child’s look. Better to plan ahead and cut hair at least one to two weeks before the shoot.

Q: How do I choose clothes for the shoot?

A: Think color and texture! Clothing matters… A LOT. Neutrals are best. Shades of oatmeal, heather grays, whites and/or blush tones are ideal. Layering and texture can make an outfit. We love linens, nubby sweaters, soft fabrics and accessories. Scarves, stylish headbands or a detailed blazer can make an outfit. If you’re unsure what to wear, call or email us. We will help you. Browse our galleries and check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration. And, of course, you can always bring a variety of options and we’ll help you narrow it down to the perfect outfit.

View our style & shoot guide here for more details and inspiration. 

Q: Should I bring snacks to the shoot?

A: Please feed everyone before coming to the shoot. As hard as we try, competing with snacks and candy for a hungry child’s attention is nearly impossible. Leave snacks in the car or hidden in your bag. Water bottles are fine and encouraged.

Q: What if I don’t like any of the photos?

A: This doesn’t happen. Ever. Promise. But if the sun, moon and stars somehow misalign, we’ll gladly and graciously reshoot. We want you to LOVE, CHERISH, ADORE and generally be COOKOO for your photos. Our not-so-secret goal is to propel you beyond satisfied customer into screaming-fan territory. We’re as determined as they come—obsessed with getting the shots you’re dreaming of. We’re also pretty sure you’ll have fun along the way.

Q: What if I like too many of the photos and am having difficulty choosing?

A: This happens quite often—a very good “problem” to have! Your sitting fee includes a private design consultation to view your images with one of our artists—during which they’ll help you select your favorites and to decide how to best incorporate them into your home and lifestyle. For example, some will be perfect for framed wall art, others may be great in a fine-art coffee table book, greeting card or gift for grandma. This meeting is one of the best parts of the process, so sit back, relax and have fun.

Q: Who should come to the design session?

A: Anyone who will be placing an order or making purchasing decisions. We offer a 10 percent discount off of our regular print prices for all products ordered within 6 weeks of the photo shoot and at the first design consultation. So if your wife, husband, mother or Aunt Martha needs to be there to actually place the order, then be sure the date and time you select for your design session works for them. On the other hand, there is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen, so keep your group small and leave the kiddos at home to ensure a more relaxed and uninterrupted session.

Q: Can my images be actual artwork in my home?

A: Yes. Yes. YES! These beautiful black and white photographs, printed and framed to museum level standards, are sure to be your very favorite artwork. Artfully done portraits of your children will speak volumes to all who enter your home as to where your priorities lie and where you see beauty.

Q: How will I know where to put the art pieces in my home?

A: After years of design consulting, we’ll have more than a few suggestions for you—all careful considerations based on your lifestyle, home and the pieces you choose. Feel free to send us photos of your home or, if you prefer, invite us for a visit to “eyeball it”—all free of charge.

Q: How will I know how to frame my prints?

A: When your prints are ready, we will lay them out for you with selections from our beautiful collection of custom and tabletop frames. We’ll preselect frames that look particularly lovely with your prints, but you’re free to choose from any frames in our collection. We don’t require you to frame with us, and framing is not included in the print prices, but we highly recommend it; not only do we have extensive experience pairing prints with the perfect frame, but we also know exactly how to preserve your artwork for generations to come.

Q: Will I receive digital files from my sitting?

A: YES! All images that are purchased for print will include beautifully finished, sharable files, packaged in a custom app for your computers, smart phones and tablets. These files are discreetly watermarked to prevent image theft by third parties. You can share the app with family and friends as many times as you like, and it’s fully loadable to all of your favorite social media outlets. The resolution of these images is perfect for social media use, but will not allow for printing. If you prefer files suitable for printing, they’re always available for purchase.

Q: Can I keep my proofs?

A: When you meet a spending threshold (excluding framing), you will receive an adorable box full of 3.5 x 5, individually printed, resin-coated proofs of EVERY single image we took.This is pretty special as we are one of the few photography companies left that still print physical proofs. Clients love proofs, so we keep making them.

Q: How long will my art prints take to complete?

A: Art takes time! But rest assured, it’s worth the wait. It takes about two weeks to process your images into proofs and then, once you order, it generally takes from 4 to 6 weeks to create & perfect your custom prints

Q: What can I expect to invest in total on my photo shoot and prints?

A: We charge a “sitting fee” for the photography session which includes the time and costs of the photographer and others in the pre-shoot consultation, photo session, design consultation and framing consultation. Please note that session fees are non-refundable and do not include any products, prints or digital files. All of our products, including our prints, are priced à la carte to give our customers the freedom to order exactly what they want. Most of our clients plan to spend at least $1,000 to $2,000 on their custom photography experience. Of course, we welcome clients with any budget. Contact your studio for a full pricing menu.

Q: Don’t have a CK studio near you?

A: We can come to you! Email: hello@classickids.com